Touch Stones

Touch Stones
$13.95 Paperback, $2.99 Kindle
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publication Year: 2014
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9780991462704

It felt like a mob scene than a gathering of bereaved relatives at the reading of Grandma Charlotte's will. Who was the chosen one? What was the reward for suffering through the required ‘visit’ with Grandma Charlotte?
She would drop any no-show from her will. The gold and jewels hidden in her spooky old house was common knowledge, so everybody went. To have that visit was to know she could read minds, and must be a witch.
Between his psychic grandmother and gold-digging relatives, the main family relationship Frank knew was to be as distant as possible. There was also a secret he was sworn to keep. Frank was her only heir. Not even his parents knew that until the lawyer read the will. The only visible thing he inherited was a decrepit Victorian house. He found no gold or jewels. The only things locked away weren’t treasures. They were home-canned jars of tomatoes from 1942.
Frank’s real inheritance appeared when his dead grandmother spoke to him in visions. His dream grandmother warned him those very visions could overwhelm and kill him. That meant his fortune was composed of life-sucking visions, capped with the hatred of his treasure-seeking relatives.
He found a way to control his visions in an ancient file with his name on it, written a century before he was born. Frank’s salvation, in the file’s archaic phrase, was to woo and win a specific girl, named Madeleine. He had no idea who that could be or how to find her.
She found him. His gold-digging relatives hired her law firm to grab the old house. She showed up, law suit in hand, already convinced Frank represented everything she knew to be vile and nasty.
Romance was out of the question. Frank’s life could end soon, and in a most unpleasant fashion unless he learned how to keep his focus.

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